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  • Penelope L'amore


I decided to get a little personal with you all (Ya'll)!

Penelope L'amore Austin Texas Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Many of you know me in different aspects of my life and have come to this site for various reasons. Most are here for my photography services and to learn about my work as an artist. Welcome! YAY! I will be posting a series of new post about my work, my life and also photography education. I strongly believe in an up-building community and support in person and online. However, many of you are returning to visitors and see what has been going on in the world of Austin Photography. Some of you are photographers yourselves, whether beginners or long time professionals. Whoever you are, I am so pleased you're here. I appreciate you! I love when you leave me a little comment or note below, or what's even more fun is a fresh email in my box saying hello! Seriously, if you have a question, I want to hear it! I am here to support our photography and wedding community.


I am here to help. I recently joined a group online for brides who are looking for answers to all sorts of wedding questions. I found it amazing, invigorating and fun to help these brides to be! I didn't realize how much experience in the industry of weddings I had received on all aspects of the planning. I will be posting a series of new blog post for brides to be semi-monthly to help out on all those needed and sometimes dreaded wedding planning questions. I would love to hear any of your needs and questions right now! I will be taking notes and responding personally to each of you. Also, I will be posting answers to the most asked questions I receive with more in depth instructions and details. We are all in this together! Let's make it a good day, together!

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