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  • Penelope L'amore

Insun + Dorothy | Barr Mansion | Austin Wedding

I was completely honored to be asked by Dorothy and Insun to photograph their nuptials. Like the rest of the world little did we know things would be drastically changing in just a few short months. Their wedding was planned for the Spring of 2020 and we had been planning together for over a year. Most people had to put what felt like their entire life on hold and for Dorothy and Insun it felt as if their entire world had paused but at the same time become more busy and unpredictable than ever imagined. The reason for this is, they're both doctors. They had to completely put all the planning they had just spent over a year working on for their wedding and their future together and focus on life-saving work in the heart of Houston. They expressed many times that their priorities changed and what they wanted most was to keep people safe. If that meant rescheduling or reworking how they would have their wedding, they wanted to do what they needed to keep everyone they loved healthy and safe. After speaking with Barr Mansion coordinator and myself, they decided to hold off for another year was the best choice for a chance at some normalcy on their wedding day. We rescheduled for June 2021. Throughout the year, they had many stressors, dealt with the unthinkable on a daily basis, and were grateful they had each other to get themselves through each day. Their tender and elegant wedding were blessed by the presents of their closest friends and family. Many were doctors and surgeons. They had all been working extremely hard and this was their first opportunity to relax and have a little fun while celebrating their two amazing friends. Thankfully at the time of their wedding, there was an all-time low in cases being spread and CDC had recently announced that those vaccinated could continue about their life as usual. Although this was a short-lived time, it fell right as they needed it to and we were able to feel safe with no mask and celebrate with a feeling of comfort and joy. You can truly see in the faces of everyone, this was a joyous occasion for so many reasons and I was so appreciative to be there to capture these moments.

Credits: Photographer: @penelopelamore Venue: Barr Mansion Catering: Barr Mansion Cake: Barr Mansion Hair and Makeup: Studio Tilee Wedding Dress: Lovely Bride

Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo

Florals: Flora Fetish

Brand/Entertainment: Groove Knight


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