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  • Penelope L'amore

10 Years | It's Us | Laguna Gloria

My My, I didn't know what 10 years would feel like but honestly and I mean this, every year get's better and better. So, let me just get this out of the way. We're so awkward in front of the camera! I know what I want out of a photography session and I honestly try to just go for it and not be weird or "posy" or "stiff" but seriously it takes time to warm up and have fun. I promise we're fun and goofy in person. Also, VERY silly when no one is around to hear our foolishness. I'd say it's one of our favorite pastimes. We LOVE to make each other laugh. It's almost a little competition to see who can make who gutturally laugh out loud. Anyways, 10 years ago these two little love birds met in a quaint town of New Orleans. At the time, it was a bit of a wreck since the whole reason the two of us even moved there was to help out with the disaster relief work after Hurricane Katrina. If you ask him for our little love story, it will be concise and to the point. "We met, then dated and got married" and it usually requires a few follow up questions. If you ask me however, it's a long drawn out tale that has many twist and turns. It's filled with a rich back story of our volunteer spirit and desire for adventure and ultimately ends with people said.."is that how you saw it all happen Jordan?" We're for certain an opposites attract couple. For my version of the story, you can either ask me in person one day or have fun reading my little bio I put together for us HERE. Let's fast forward to today. We're happily living in Austin Texas. Thankfully this Alaskan guy followed along with me here and we've been enjoying the outdoor/foodie life that is ATX. We make sure we always go for a kayaking cruise around Lady Bird Lake when the weather is good. We like to hike around the green belt or jump in the little swimming holes while the water is flowing. We always make regular trips to St Elmo's brewery or one of the local coffee shops we're digging at the time like Cosmic or Stouthaus. Leave a comment below to let us know if you might catch us out at your favorite places. We'd love to chat and maybe share more stories about our unintended obsession with our cats and our love for tacos.

My favorite Venue: Laguna Gloria.. Yes, it's an Art Museum that is a Tuscany inspired estate on a Laguna surrounded by a pine forest? .. Kind of the best.

My bread: yeah it's pretty great! By Easy Tiger Bakery. My Photographer: Lucille Photography Shoes: Christian Louboutin


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