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  • Penelope L'amore

My Family | Just the three of us | Circle C Family Portraits

Hello there! One of the perks of 2020 is being able to spend more time together as a family. Although, the two of us were a family with our two cats and little life, now having Eisley in our life, we truly feel the need to carve out special moments or the time will get away from us. Since our plans this year was all a little thrown off, we hadn't had time to take a break for over a year. We decided to schedule a week off and take a "stay" cation as they call it. During that time, we schedule our family fall portrait session. As a professional photographer myself, it's no surprise that having professional photos taken yearly at the least is very important to me. Thankfully my friend and associate photographer who has her own wedding photography studio was putting together special sunset photos for families and we were able to schedule with her. Eisley has been with ONLY us for these first 4 months of her life due to the pandemic and staying safe at home. So, she's not use to seeing people in person. You can clearly see on her face that she is very intrigued by seeing someone in person. I get such a crack out of her expression. It's not one we see often here at home. It was so lovely to take a week to be together without distractions and our busy work schedules and focus on family time. This little session really put a little bow on the week of being able to look back at these's for years and years to come and showing that despite such a crazy time in history, we smiled. We laughed. We focused on what mattered most. Thanks to Yazmin for documenting these precious moments for us.

Location: Circle C Public Park


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