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  • Penelope L'amore

Houston Engagement | Insun + Dorothy | Peaceful Japanese Gardens

We headed out to the peaceful Japanese tea garden on a rainy October day. The weather called for the sun to peak out just before sunset and we were going to take advantage of that beautiful light. What a treat to spend our time in a pine tree forest in the heart of Houston, Texas. Dorothy and Insun are both busy professionals and Dorothy is currently in Med school on top of her busy work schedule so we wanted to make sure they could take a little time out to have a date while shooting their engagement photos. They will be using these images to enjoy not only in their home, in an album but for their Save the Date announcement. We started near a small pond with a cute waterfall and worked our way around the park to enjoying different aspects of the gardens. I asked Insun and Dorothy what they're favorite activity was to do together. They quickly said jokingly "sleep" and to "watch tv" and laughed. Getting well rested is dear to these two. But then they explained they loved to cook together. They meal plan every week and they have a great system of who cooks what and putting together great options for the week. I think that's a great activity for a couple. Not only is it help be healthy, save money but they get to work on something important together. I had a wonderful time getting to know them both and I am so excited for their 2020 wedding at the amazing Barr Mansion!

We had a wonderful time at the Herman Park Japanese Tea Gardens

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