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  • Penelope L'amore

Tabitha + Mathew | San Antonio Missions | Engagement

What a privilege to get to know a couple as sweet as Tabitha and Matthew. They live in the Dallas area and contacted me a last year. We have been keeping in touch and planning out Tabitha's dream engagement session. I cannot say how much appreciate her willingness to prepare and plan. She told me her feelings and vibe she wished for her session. Filling me in on details like the dress she would wear and colors she hoped for. On top of that, renting out the missions for a beautiful sunset session. Along the way I asked Tabitha and Matthew a few questions to get to know them better and I was so grateful they shared their story with me. Fortunately for you, you can hear the answers straight from Tabitha. Read along as you look through their beautiful engagement session. What did you first think of Matthew when you met?

"He was funny, smart, and had eyes I could get lost in."

How did you know that Matthew was the right one for you?

"When I couldn't picture my life without him., when every thought about the future included him."

Tell me three things you love about your partner.

"He is selfless, his humor and his ability to see the positive in any situation."

  • How did the proposal happen?

"Matt's family was going to the beach and he thought it would be fun to invite my family. While we were there, he asked me to go for a walk along the beach. As we were walking, he popped the question as our family watched from the balcony. It was the sweetest moment of my life."

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? "I see us with a child or two. lol I'm really looking forward to seeing Matt as a father, I know he is going to be amazing. Matt and I have already bought a home together, but I'm really, really looking forward to remodeling the bathrooms! lol"

If you were looking back at these images in 20 years, what would you want to remember? "I would want to remember that two people loved each other enough that they were happy to vow to spend the rest of their lives together. I would also want to remember that I never understood how loving someone could be so easy until I met Matt. I would want to remember how truly blessed and happy we were."

Thank you so much Tabitha for sharing with us your beautiful words. I am so appreciative of you two and look forward to being with you both on your wedding day this fall. Photography: Penelope L'amore Photography Film Lab: Photovision

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