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  • Penelope L'amore

Austin Engagement Photography | Collin and Joyce's Engagement

Colin and Joyce have a perfect eye for all things beautiful. They chose the Laguna Gloria Art museum for their engagement session because it matched their love for timeless charm. You can see the their personality shine through every photo as they talk quietly and enjoy their time next to the beautiful Laguna. The Laguna Gloria Art Museum has a rich history and it's an honor that we are able to walk it's grounds today. A very famous woman named Clara Driscoll knows as the "savior of the Alamo" had the house built in 1914 in the likes of Lake Como in Italy where she had honeymooned a few years earlier. Driscoll wrote her self speaking about Laguna Gloria "I have placed in...a proper setting a number of really beautiful and graceful statues which I was fortunate enough to obtain from one of the oldest and finest gardens in old Italy; this to give an Old World touch to an incomparably beautiful Texas landscape.." Every turn there is something beautiful to see. The old world feel mixed with modern art is a great way to spend any evening. The sites give pure romatic inspiration for a photographer like me. As the sun was slowly setting on the water Colin and Joyce broke out into dancing as I played music on my phone. Some of the songs on my list were: Adele- "love song" , Avicii -"feeling good" and Whilk & Misky -"Clap your hands". We ended the evening as Joyce and Colin watched the sun set behind the hills and had one last dance for the night. For the entire playlist, click here: When in Love -Playlist

Thanks to the Laguna Gloria and Colin and Joyce for a wonderful Engagment Session Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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