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  • Penelope L'amore

Historical Wedding Inspiration | Mission San Jose | San Antonio

This stunning editorial was featured by the prestigious wedding blog The White Wren Timeless, Elegant and Dreamy. Taking a page out of a very distressed and age-old book, this bridal inspiration will remind you of how little we truly need. If all marriages could stand to last as long as these walls have, that’s all we would ask for. When you see the dates of inscriptions written on the stone, it reminds us that we’re not the first to do this, to be here, to enjoy these moments so just relax and take it in.

To set the tone for an old world inspired day, the unique distressed invitations give you a taste as to what is to come and invite you to see more. The beautiful handmade Boquete was painstakingly put together petal by petal. It drips with water still in each flower from carefully traveling across the state before making it to one of San Antonio’s oldest structures. As she walks the heavy leaves and petals sway toward the ground. Her stunning gown leaves you breathless as it is caught by the passing wind and you cannot ignore the beauty of the morning sun touching every inch of this gorgeous day. The beautifully uncurated look to the floral and greenery arches are the perfect addition to an intimate dinner and an artful piece to your evening. We hope to inspire others to look to the simple beauty and work with the environment around you to not distract but enhance.

photographer: Penelope L’amore Photography / venue: Mission San Jose / stylist & designer: Chic & Pretty Events / floral designer: Moss Floral Design / gown shop: Lovely Bride / gown: Carol Hannah / hair & makeup: Natalia Issa / rentals: Bella Acento / earrings: A. B. Ellie / model: Wallflower Management / host: Carlos Hernandez Photography / film lab: Photovision Prints


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