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  • Penelope L'amore

DJ + Jennifer | Winter Engagement | Austin, Texas

It has been an honor to meet these two. When Jennifer contacted me to help with their engagement images, I was excited to meet these two right away. She explained her vision and I was excited to bring it to life. We spent a lovely time at the McKinney State Falls. It was a chilly winter evening. I loved getting to know them better as we walked around. DJ shared the story of how they met each other. It was cute to hear that he liked her right away but she was not impressed. He didn't let that stop him at all. He was going to win her over and win her over he did. Their engagement story is one for the books. Jennifer and DJ's images were selected for the Looks of Love contest on Brides of Austin. There she shared the story she shared with me during our session. Below I have added this story. Please see the link below to view their post on Brides of Austin. Brides of Austin feature

Four o’clock came and I texted him that I was on my way. Mid-drive he calls me that he forgot the champagne and was heading to the store but had left the door unlocked for me to enter. So I did. I got to the house and he was still not back from the store, or at least I did not see his car. I proceeded and I open the door. A rose petal flies out. I slowly continue opening the door and to my surprise, I see a trail of rose petals towards the kitchen/dining area. Along the path, there are lit candles, and 100 pictures of us from our years of dating hung by a string. As soon as I see it, I knew what he was up to — this was it! Best feeling ever! As I continue to walk to the kitchen/dining area I see more rose petals, candles, and pictures. On the kitchen island, he placed a bible opened to Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD”. He also had placed an iPad in which he had a video ready for me to watch. As I pressed play, it was him — giving me a virtual tour of our first home! He went through each room and gave his vision of us filling this home with love, family, friends…but most importantly with the Grace of God. Obviously, I am covered in tears. As soon as the video is over, he walks out of a room, in his suit, and kneels down. “Jennifer, will you marry”. YES! YES! YES!

I will say yes, over and over again.

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