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  • Penelope L'amore

Keane + Phoebe | Austin Wedding | The Allan House

Phoebe and Keane were friends from a young age. When I asked them if it was a long developed relationship or LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.. Here is what they told me.. They met at Zilker Park when mutual friends had invited them out for a day of fun.. They told me, while laughing about it, at first they didn't really like each other! Phoebe didn't really care for Keane and Keane thought Phoebe was a bit strange. However, as time went on, they got to know each other better they became good friends. All those quirky things they didn't like about each other is now some of their favorite characteristics about each other. As time went on, Phoebe and Keane were both busy in their lives, traveling, hobbies and friends.. but Keane started having an interest in Phoebe. Phoebe was determined to continue on in her life and be content doing her thing. However, after some time, she could no long resist. They both make such a sweet fun couple and just a great vibe comes from them both. Please enjoy my favorite highlights from their wedding day. We started the day at the Allan house.

Keane was surrounded by his friends in his dressing room as he finished up his last touches to his final look.

I loved Phoebe's pink shoes! They went together with Keane's tie perfectly.

Going back and forth between serious and giggles the girls were nervous by extremely excited for what was to come in about an hour.

Hair and Make-up were finished up and the girls were spending a little quality time with each other before sending off their best friend to marry her forever-friend.

Phoebe's amazing wedding dress was from J. Crew's Bridal Line.

Keane put attention into each little detail. I loved his cufflinks, and treehut watch.

The final touches, the Copper Belt! It was so perfect!

This is what best friends are for!

The New Orleans Southern theme carried throughout. These Hand make Pralines were so delicious. What a great idea for wedding guest favor gifts.

These amazing floral's thanks to Margot Blair of Austin!

That expression! Can't beat it!