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Jessy + Perla | Allan House | Austin Wedding

These two! Wow! Just the raw emotion of love between them two. Perla contacted me because her friend Madi had referred her my way. Madi and Shane's wedding can be seen here. Perla expressed that she was so happy to have a good friend who could help her find just the right people to spend her wedding day with. We clicked right away. Perla and Jessy live in Hawaii so this made meeting up impossible. We had our consultation on Skype. She called from a cute cafe there in Hawaii and we chatted about everything! She came to Texas about a month early to plan everything. Her mother helped her every step of the way. They truly had a beautiful bond. I loved getting to know her family and friends and all those people who mean so much to her. There wedding day, Texas decided to be more tropical than desert and rain just before the ceremony. Thanks to the amazing team and staffing they moved the wedding indoors and it just just perfect.

Perla's wedding colors were Blush and Mint. So vibrant and happy like her personality.

These beautiful boutonnieres and all the floral arrangements were thanks to King Florist of Austin. They are such a genuine group of people that do a lovely job for any occasion.

Jessy and Perla have been sweethearts for some time! They have been through thick and thin together. They wanted to make sure that all their family would have the opportunity to be present on their wedding day so instead of having a wedding in Hawaii and making it a destination wedding, they end up having their wedding in Texas where most of their family is. They were the first in their family of the grandchildren to get married. This was very special to be able to invite the grandparents to be a part of this day.

Jessy gave Perla and amazing package of Wedding Gifts for her to open before the ceremony. One of those being a build-a-bear that represented the comfort he wants to give to her because just before the wedding they lost everything in the hurricane that hit Hawaii that week. Their home had been flooded and she was not there to help salvage everything. She wasn't even able to get back to Hawaii before the wedding. He also gave her a box full of letters for her to open every year and the first being today, on their wedding day! So romantic, these two! They both cried so many tears of joy when opening their gifts from just a room away from each other before walking down the aisle.

Her beautiful bouquets from Kind Florist of Austin.

Perla told me that she wanted the picture of Jessy's reaction to seeing her for the first time more than anything. I got more than one for sure but.. wow! The tears, emotions and love.. just beautiful.

They had a unity candle ceremony

The front of the Allan house is just a perfect background for their quaint love story.

I love these cute moments when couples just relax and have fun together as if I am not there.

They decided to have a real DYI wedding! Perla loves to work with her hands and incorporate her own style and personality into her day.

She picked a few vendors to take of those things she couldn't from Hawaii and the did the rest herself with the help of friends and family. Jessy's in the marines so he was stationed in Hawaii up to the week of the wedding. What a strong woman doing everything so wonderfully with grace and such a calm head. She really wanted him to be able to arrive from home and see everything put together and be filled with joy and emotion. And he sure was!

So, maybe you're wondering what they did after returning home to Hawaii from their Texas wedding. I wrote Perla to ask her how everything was going and she said, their landlord of their apartment was able to move them right away into a different apartment that was not only bigger, but safe up on the second floor of the apartments. They were able to receive new furniture right away because they had insurance and most importantly the two of them have draw closer from the disaster, work hard to get their life back together and Perla said that Jessy has been her rock through it all! What a great example of a couple who leans on each other and puts each other first through the good times and the hard.

Thanks to these wonderful vendors who helped create such a special day for these two and all those who addend to support their union.

​Florist: King Florist of Austin Planner: Austin Event Studio​

Cakes & Catering: Bittersweet Cakes and Catering ​Cocktails & event help: Texas Hill Country Events​

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