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Austin Engagement Photography | Gruene Stormy Engagment

Shaun and Abby Abby has been one of my best friends since we were 14 years old. When I was about 3 years old, my family moved next door to her family. I was an only child, she was one of four children. I was loud, blonde and out going. She was so so quiet, dark features and preferred to be alone. Even though we both moved around, things didn't change too much in the years to come. Around 13 years old we started to spend more time together. Her family didn't mind having another child around. Usually, I was one of many friends to come over for the weekend. She would often take family trips to the library. Everyone would pick out books, movies, comic books and music they wanted to discover, bring it home and all sit around and read. Then in the evening pop in the movies they rented. This is very different from my family's usual weekend. I found it enjoyable and calming to spend my time with them. When I came over to her house, I always wanted to move, go outside or do something active. Abby would be found laying on her bed, twirling her hair and lost in a book, listing to something by Belle and Sebastian or Smashing Pumpkins or some other indie band. I have always loved how opposite we are. I would get her talking and out of her shell and she would calm me down and give me center. We made a great team and stayed close through thick and thin. When I was 19, I moved to New Orleans. After a month or so I called her up and I begged her to come along. She visited for a few months and then about a year later moved as well. I couldn't ever imagine I would be able to have my best friend move all the way to New Orleans and be close to me once again! She even was able to get a job where I worked. Even though we didn't always get to work together, it was so nice to know she was just a room over. Fast Forward 8 years, Abby called me and when I asked how things were going.. she paused.. for a long time..She explained, she met a guy. Eventually, it became clear he was not just any guy.. He was The guy! Her bear! I am more than thrilled to be able to be a part of the special moments in her life and watch her find the person of her dreams. Shaun proposed to her a few months ago while we were hiking out on Enchanted Rock. He romantically waited until the sun was just about to set and they were on the top of the hill together. She said "it was perfect". To see them together and the love they already have for each other is touching. I know it will only continue to grow! It's a privilege and the best joy for me, that they asked me to photograph their engagement photos. Please enjoy!

It was a cloudy morning. We were dodging the rain drops. Things only became more dark and clouded as we walked behind the old general store. I turned on some tunes from my "When in love" Mix. Abby brought her books with her of course! They were the perfect touch to a drizzly and cloudy morning. As I was taking a few photos of her books and ring, Abby and Shaun spontaneously danced in the grass.

Sometimes you get the giggles.

Shaun gave Abby this beautiful vintage camera as a gift last year. It was a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

We decided take cover inside the general store and get a snack.

Finally, the sun came out to greet us. Shaun and Abby took a stroll down the streets of historic Gruene. Then we walked down to the beautiful Guadeloupe river.

Special thanks to the General Store for allowing us to have fun in your amazing historical store. Location: Gruene, Texas Make Up: Touch of Blush by Aubrey

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